Department of Accounting

The Department of Accounting and Finance is committed to train and develop future business professionals who are fortified with moral strength and virtues, to prepare them academically to function in their respective professions, and equip them to be effective agents for economic growth and development and yet lead them towards the restoration of their relationship with God, the Creator and Sustainer, which was estranged by sin.

Courses Offered

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance
  • Minor in Accounting
  • Minor in Finance
  • Associate Degree in Accounting
  • Associate Degree in Finance
  • ATC and CPA Professional studies


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God is the Creator and Sustainer of life and of the natural world. As intelligent stewards, humans need to understand life, its unity, diversity and its distribution in space and time, and act responsibly in its utilization and preservation.


The fundamental mission of the Department is the provision and advancement of a Christian educational experience for students pursuing careers in accounting and finance in order to equip them with necessary skills for service to God and humanity.


The vision of the Department is to provide one of the best programmes in accounting and finance in Africa and the rest of the world.

List of Faculty

  • Bwonda, D. - (Chairperson)
  • Marwa, F.
  • Ongeta, J.
  • Asenath Machogu