It was a weekend of two distinguished guests gracing the 35th graduation event -uninterrupted since 1983.From Friday July 7- Sabbath and July 8, 2017 HE The Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya Honorable David Maraga set the tone of the weekend event with a brief narration of his life history and the challenges and how his eventual total commitment to the Lord, radicalized his worldview invoking special blessings from the Lord. “Since then things have never been the same again, and the Lord has continued to bless me both in my private and public life”, Mr Maraga surmised.

Dissecting the graduants motto “Dare to be different”, the honorable Chief Justice paused the challenge, “dare to be different from what? .To be different is to be peculiar, extra-ordinary, unique e.t.c attributes which provoke isolation, division and even wrath from peers. Cowards cannot do such; he added with reference to I Peter 2:9.’’

The Chief Justice underscored that being called to be different means to be special and set apart for a special purpose; an attribute which can has a magnetizing effect in the life of others for the better. The Christian faith is indeed about being different, transformed, unusual, and peculiar and a non conformist to the whims and wishes of others just for the sake of it. The job market desires those who are faithfully committed to service, innovation, hard work and self drive and competence to positively transform society. Graduants should draw parallels from the Bible characters of the old and indeed stand up to be counted.  The Christian wholistic philosophy of education offered to you by the University of Eastern Africa Baraton should no doubt be a sure guard for the eventual life challenges the graduants will encounter. This country and the rest of the society requires trustworthy, dependable, result oriented and visionary people daring enough to call sin by its true name; shunning evil inclinations eg corruption, tribalism ,immorality, drug abuse, alcoholism and other retrogressive social tendencies.  The Chief Justice drew appropriate parallels from the life of Joseph and his Egyptian experience. “There are many life examples on how the Lord has continued to bless His own, including myself ,he observed.

The Chief Justice paid special tribute to the parents, guardians, sponsors, faculty and staff and the university administration for their great sacrifice to produce young people of this kind and the graduants should not take this for granted.

In his parting shot, the Chief Justice reminded his audience and especially the graduants that in whatever they do, they should understand that their God is on trial and indeed is on the firing line.

During the Consecration on Sunday July 9, 2017, Prof Lumumba, the Director of the Kenya School of Law and a distinguished lawyer, borrowed heavily from the three Hebrew youths in the land of Babylon 3000years ago. He relived the experience of the three Hebrew heroes exand appealed the graduants to immerse themselves in that past life experience and apply it to their generation but come out triumphant, “All the odds were against them but they stood their ground to become relevant role models, to this day. They refused to worship the idols of the Day; stood up to be counted. The challenges of modern society should be conquered in the spirit in order to revolutionalize our society. God has given each one of us special talents and we are expected to account for them in the final judgment day’’,added  the Professor.

Corroborating from holy writings of the Hindu, Hebrew, Muslim and the Bible, Professor Lumumba underscored the role of ethics in leading the society through all the ages. Africa needs giants who will change it for the better. Ethnicism is the scourge of Africa and we need to live above it.

In his welcome remarks to the distinguished Professor, the Vice Chancellor Professor Philip Maiyo profusely thanked him for great the great honor demonstrated by his coming to grace the day. Professor Maiyo also thanked all the invitees who included the members of the University council, University Board of Trustees, church leaders from all religious persuasions, other academicians, government leaders, parents, guardians and sponsors who gathered to honor the event and confirm their solidarity with the university on its sacred responsibility and cardinal responsibility of imparting knowledge and skills to the graduants.

The Vice Chancellor again confirmed that the University extension campuses in Eldoret, Nairobi, Kisumu and Kisii were closed for economic reasons. The consolidation to the main campus is a necessity in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the society. However every effort has been made to provide for a smooth transition for the students and workers. The VC’s speech appraised the achievements of the university in all its dimensions of academic and social life (see separate story).

During the whole weekend of intense activities, the Lord blessed us with excellent weather and everyone enjoyed the historic occasion.

God bless.