Vice-Chancellor’s Semester address to the Students

Talking to the students both new and ongoing, staff, faculty and administrators the Vice Chancellor Professor Philip Maiyo reminded his audience of the vision and mission of the founders of the Christian Seventh-day Adventist institution and thus set the tone for the New Year.

Exhorting the students to deserve a high degree of self discipline, intergrity, commitment and fortitude, the Vice Chancellor reminded his audience of the virtues which can take one to the highest pinnacle of this very competitive life and how the institution has been established to provide all that it takes to achieve such objectives.

The institution and its success expect a high degree of seriousness from its role players and dialogue should underscore its mode of operations. The job market demands graduates whose qualities can be able to transform society.

The Vice Chancellor reminded the audience that being an international university it is incumbent for each one to be accommodative and respectful as they learn from each other. “The standard code of conduct and decorum should be observed at all times, public display of love and affection is discouraged as such might be misconstrued.”

The Vice Chancellor emphasized the importance of discipline among the students and staff. The students were encouraged to be hard working and conduct themselves in a Christian lifestyle. Bad behavior and habits cannot be tolerated on the university campus.

Decent dressing is mandatory and every student must be conscious of security issues. Students, faculty and staff must report any suspicious activity to the security personnel for immediate attention.

In conclusion the Vice Chancellor advised the students to spend their time in a quality manner avoiding activities and associations which may create insecurity. “Be your brothers’ keeper”.