Professor Philip Maiyo, the University Vice-Chancellor of the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton while addressing Administrators, faculty, staff and students underscored the fundamental philosophy of the University as the premise upon which the students can grow into mature and responsible citizen. The entire University administration, faculty and staff have a strong commitment to fulfill the expectations of the students and sponsors in their quest for success in their aspirations. The students and their mentors can succeed if they collectively appreciate the values upon which the institution in established.

In order to achieve this, hard work, order, discipline, tolerance, integrity, positive interaction and communication will lead to the success of each individual. “Collectively the University fraternity can address matters common e.g. security given the current challenges both locally and internationally”, the Vice-Chancellor observed. The VC also warned students who don’t register for classes and instead misuse their money to be wary because disciplinary action will be meted on them. “Everyone should be ones’ keeper to ensure that even our personal property is safe”, the VC remarked.

Touching on the social relations between students, the VC remarked that such interactions should be extremely private hence are discouraged. The students not should yield to peer pressure.

In all respects the students must adhere to the established disciplinary procedures and seek guidance from the relevant offices and individuals. “Counseling services are provided freely by the University”, he stated.

In conclusion, the Vice-Chancellor advocated for a proactive academic and interactive social environment ideal for a successful learning environment, taking advantage of the wealth of both human and physical resources available in the University.

Finally, the Vice-Chancellor took time to wish everyone a successful academic semester.

Accompanying the Vice-Chancellor was the entire team of Adventists, faculty and staff.