Free Medical Camp takes off in Earnest – the Deputy Governor, Nandi County, Mr. Dominic Biwott launches the Philanthropic Event

Launching the 5 day free medical camp organized by the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton and a team of medical doctors led by Dr. Erling Oksenholt  the Deputy Governor, Nandi County Mr. Dominic Biwot praised the University for organizing and executing a very successful event which will benefit many needy patients in the community.  Split into 4 other health centres namely: Kapsisiywo, Sironoi, Kingwal and Kapkangani the ten man team of Physicians, Surgeons and educators received very warm welcome from the hosts and the local government authority.

The Deputy Governor appreciated deeply the several positive contributions and partnerships the university has undertaken in the fields of education, health, agriculture etc and called upon the community to offer the university, support in its mission. According to the Deputy Governor, the university hospital has some of the best medical facilities in the County and the County government is looking forward to collaborating further with the team doctors and the university in general to improve the health of the people. On the other hand, the leader of the team Dr. Erling Oksenholt in response to the overwhelming welcome and the apparent great need for medical service to the community, pledged to come back soon with another team of 30 doctors to serve in the community under a similar program. Details of this will be worked out between the two parties and the County government.

In his welcome remarks the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Philip Maiyo urged the community to exploit all the opportunities the university can offer to the population namely: Education, Health, Agriculture etc and create a distinct population with skills worthy of emulation by the rest. He lauded the excellent services of   Dr. Erastus Odira who has served the university medical establishment for over two decades. He also took time to announce the arrival of a new surgeon Dr. Jesse Tabaranza and Dr. Kelvin Agwata (seconded from the Central government). The establishment of the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton in the rural community is godsend and the Vice-Chancellor confirmed that this event is yet another great milestone in the long history of University community relations and more such interactions are in the pipeline.

The event started on Sunday February 7 and closes on Thursday February 11, 2016.

At the end of the program no less than 3000 patients were attended to. The population is indeed looking forward for such other opportunity.

The list of the American team of specialists who participated include:

  1. Dr. Erling Oksentholt – Team leader
  2. Dr. Raj Baman
  3. Dr. Elisha Botnick
  4. Dr. Reed Epstein
  5. Dr. Alexa Lafaunce
  6. Janice Radcliffe, PhD
  7. Kebede Daka, PhD
  8. Dr. Jesse Tabaranza