Midweek’s power hour was special as it marked the climax of the first phase of the week of spiritual examination program organized by the chaplaincy department. With the solemnity it deserves the event underscored the critical importance of confession and repentance and the spiritual nourishment and blessings it can bring to the individuals and the institution at large. Based on Acts 3:19, 20 and Judges 10:15,16 the various leaders were ushered in by the Chaplain Pr. Dr. Rei Kesis to make a statement for forgiveness on behalf of their constituency. The student President Mr. Laban Lekishon led the way and asked the students to forgive the faculty, staff and the administration for whatever wrongdoings they may have committed; from the arena of academia to social life. This was followed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academics, Dr. Korso Gude who made a plea in the same direction on behalf of the faculty. In turn, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Affairs, Dr. Paul Wahonya reiterated the same sentiments. Mr. Alphayo Ateka on behalf of the Business Office, acknowledged wrong doing may have been committed in their routine service and obliged to appeal for forgiveness. The climax of the program came when the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Philip Maiyo on behalf of the entire university administration, asked for forgiveness from whoever had been wronged and appealed for a new beginning. He also declared that the occasion marked the end of the first period on confession and repentance and the ushering in of the next phase that of Fasting and Prayer.

This spiritually refreshing event was an important milestone in the administration’s quest for the nurturing an ideal environment for the fulfillment of the mission and vision of the University.

The event is timely since this is indeed the beginning of a new academic year with many new students joining the august university. It sets the tone and direction for a new dispensation.

God bless.