The Vice-Chancellor Welcomes the Students to 2015/2016 Academic Year

On Tuesday September 29, 2015, the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Philip Maiyo PhD as the tradition calls, welcomed all the students, faculty and staff to the new academic year. He also took time to introduce the administrators, faculty and staff to the general assembly.

Heralding the occasion as a special one coming with the need for renewed focus, determination and teamwork from all and sundry, the Vice-Chancellor underscored the role of our University as a leading light in quality education. The Vice-Chancellor reminded his listeners of the relevance of upholding the virtues and principles of the University as defined and spelled out in the student hand book and other University official documents. He encouraged the student to consult the relevant individuals and offices of the University administration when in doubt.

“My university administration is open to constant communications with the student SABU leadership and individuals. Regular forums are scheduled for constant dialogue”, he remarked.

In regard to the student welfare services, the Vice-Chancellor revealed that the Government of the Republic of Kenya has seconded a medical doctor to the Jeremic Baraton Hospital in order to strengthen the medical services both the university community and away. He added also that one other additional medical doctor is expected to add to the professional medical services the hospital provides. In regard to the need to keep the quality of hostel services high, the Vice-Chancellor confirmed that a lot of focus, attention and priority has been given to such and other related services.

Mindful of reputation and the need to uphold the standards of excellence, the Vice-Chancellor reminded the attentive students of the importance of observing the examination rules and regulations to the value of their certificates. “Ignorance is no defense in law”, he said. “Students must work hard to obtain high GPA”, he added.

Conscious of the challenges facing the young people in the contemporary society, the Vice-Chancellor reiterated the University’s Christian philosophy which doesn’t entertain health abuses such as drug abuse, alcoholism, immoral relations etc in its fraternity.

In conclusion, the Vice-Chancellor lauded the positively interactive university environment which nurtures a healthy medium for character development and productive academic discourse. “It is wise for the students to take advantage of this for their own short and long term advantage”.