UEAB Joins ECD Fraternity for Mission Extravaganza Celebrations in Dar Es Salaam

 UEAB Administrators led by VC Professor Philip Maiyo, other University staff and students made part of the ECD's big entourage at  Tanzania's  Taifa Stadium, Dar Es Salaam in welcoming the SDA World church leader Pr Ted C Wilson and his wife, Nancy Wilson who were the guests to grace the Mission Extravaganza Celebrations on February 4th to 7th 2014.The Function was a celebration of the SDA's achievements in spiritual, mental, physical and social areas. 
. Tanzania Newspapers gave the function  front page headlines such us. Government officials including H.E the Vice president of Tanzania Dr Mohamed Ghari and Hon Bernard Membe, Minsiter for Foreign affairs and international co-operation  joined the Adventist community to welcome  Pr Ted Wilson. Church leaders and members drawn from the 11 countries of ECD territory attended the function.
UEAB'S participation in the function was felt through music performance and the free health cousnselling and screening sevices at their booth in the stadium which attracted many.
Prof Philip Maiyo in his remarks during the institutional presentations  thanked parents from within the ECD region for supporting UEAB by allowing their children to receive the quality Eductaion available there.
" I want to thank all of you parents who are here for your continuous support of UEAB by  bringing your children to get the quality of Education that we offer. Our University is a university of quality and we have the best  science facilities in the region which your children needs to utilize"  The VC said. 
Meanwhile, Pr Ted Wilson has called on the young people to help spread the Advent message.
" Young people, you are advised to seek the lord and take the Advent message to all villages, towns and cities of ECD. You need to know the principle of holy spirit and the Bible truth. I urge you to be the ambassadors of christ back home. You are the beautiful people of ECD, be strong and of good courage because  the lord has empowered us.Spend time in prayer and go out in mission for Jesus your lord is coming soon"  He called. 
Presentations on media mission, educational mission, health mission and children ministry missions were made by various presenters of within ECD and from the General Conference of the SDA Church.