UEAB, Nandi County Marks World AIDS Day

As a norm and a culture spelt by the World Health Organization[WHO],1st December of every year is a date set aside to commemorate and mark the achievements, developments and challenges faced at the war against the pandemic HIV and AIDS that has been a historic threat to the human race. The University of Eastern Africa, Baraton[UEAB] has never been left behind in this world occasion and this year, UEAB via the counselling department marked the day peculiarly in conjunction with the Nandi county.

This year’s  worldwide theme was FOCUS, PARTNER; ACHIEVE AN AIDS  FREE GENERATION.However, the Nandi county under the leadership of DR, Cleophas Lagat marked the day with their theme: INSPIRING ACTION TO ZERO THROUGH HISTORY.Prior to the actual December 1st date, UEAB held a special sensitization events for her members within the campus on 30th November towards joining the County the next day.The event’s organizing committee comprising of several Presidents from different academic clubs of the campus chaired by the University Counselor Mr. Joseph Mettoh, took the mandate to oversee the whole exercise. The event was characterized by a fun run to awaken the target members after followed by an assembly at the Graduation Square. A tent was pitched on one end of the vast venue where a number of activities took place including the Voluntery Counselling and Testing,VCT and other private and  confidential services as deemed moral by the counselling professions.

 Invited Guest, Mr Alfrick Bett from Kapsabet’s HIV Counselling and Testing Center[HCT] took to the podium calling for the crowd present   to take the initiative of knowing their HIV status regularly. He also cited that among the 47 Counties in Kenya, Nandi County the home of UEAB, is affected by the Pandemic disease at 3% statistically speaking. He said this was a drop from the previous percentage. The Guest of Honor affirmed that Nyanza region was still topping the list of the most affected by 25%. The Guest of Honor concluded by requesting the University body to be the the forefront in Championing the campaign against HIV and AIDS. The exercise was concluded in the afternoon with some sport events at the University stadium.Presnt too were Dr. Rei Kesis, the UEAB Dean of Men and the University Chaplain, Pr. Mahlon Juma. Entertainment activities from all genres were presented; including poems, narratives, rap, comedies and straight talk during refreshments.

A team of 30 people from the University joined the Nandi County on 1st December 2014  to mark the WORLD AIDS DAY at Maraba centre in Tinderet Sub-county. The team, headed by University counselor Mr. joseph Mettoh, drove to the place using the University bus. They were also dressed  in white T-shirts with the UEAB labels.Entertainment was juiced by veteran UEAB entertainers with Mr Onchari Mokaya taking the crowd by  a narrative titled “wefune”  and Dokta Dambel with his jiggling “-STAR” stand-up comedy.

 Dr. Cleophas Lagat who was accompanied by his officials to grace the occasion, said that the fight against AIDS  shall be won through the support groups that have been put in place  as well as working with the county government as a team.

The County boss echoed that his government has taken into consideration all the pleas presented by support groups and vowed to ensure that stigmatization, discrimination and other negative treatments of HIV victims will be curbed amicably.