Department of History, Geography and Development Studies

God is the Creator and Sustainer of life and of the natural world.As intelligent stewards, humans need to understand life, unity, diversity and its distribution in space and time, and responsibly in its utilization and preservation. .

Courses Offered

  • 1. BA -Bachelor of arts - in History
  • 2. BA/BSc - Bachelor of Arts/Science - in Geography
  • 3. BA- Bachelor of arts- in Development Studies
  • 4. Minor in History
  • 5. Minor in Geography
  • 6. Minor in Environmental Studies
  • 7. Minor in Development Studies
  • 8. Minor in Political Science


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This department houses the courses in History, Geography, Development Studies and Environmental Studies. The philosophy of History maintains that the course of History from time immemorial has been determined by God and God`s laws. The knowledge of Geography positively reinforces one`s faith in God and His mighty work. Further, Development Studies demonstrates one`s subscription to the fact that humankind is only a steward of earth`s resources. Finally, Environmental Studies reveals the imposing power and knowledge of God as the creator of the universe. The Department therefore believes that God is the creator and sustainer of life and humanity remains as the stewards of God`s resources in nature. This is the wholistic philosophy of Adventist Education on which the Department operates.


To provide quality Christian Education through course development that makes the learners to be seekers of truth as outlined in the Bible and develop a deeper and holistic understanding of the human race, their institutions, activities and achievements as well as that of God Himself as the creator and supreme ruler of the universe.


To be a leading department producing competent, exemplary,hardworking, and dependable and God fearing scholars and workers capable of diligently serving wherever deployed the world over.
  • Otewa, J. - Chairperson
  • Musema L.
  • Mutiso J.
  • Mutunga, E.
  • Nyagwencha, P.
  • Ochuodho, S.
  • Omari, H..
  • Angwenyi, E.