ECD Education Director launches "Operation Okoa Nairobi"

Dr Andrew Mutero Says market to market Crusades can not work any more for Evangelism in the 21st Century. He says Emphasis on today's preaching should be an investment on education. He commends the Catholic church for her effort to establish quality education Facilities. He challenged SDA Church in Kenya, to stop competing to erect complex buildings, constructing of swimming pools, gymnasiums,Restaurants and Guesthouses instead of Major Education Facilities.

The leader of the education department of the 13 country Division of the SDA church in East and Central Africa,ECD has appealed to all Adventist to take matters education seriously urging that Adventist Education is the future of the church and their children.

He said that the Adventist Education is a value based education and challenged the Adventist community to believe in the quality they have and support it fully. Speaking at the Nairobi's Parklands SDA church during the Education Day led by the Baraton University Alumni on Sepember Saturday the 13th , Dr Andrew Mutero lengthened the idea of using Education for Evangelism rather than outdated means of preaching.He spoke with passion on the need to promote and support the Adventist education.

"I have decided to take the Adventist Education to the grassroots and not talking with leaders in the office anymore.Over 80% of Adventist converts in Kenya are due to education History. Great brains are not in the Market places and so lets have schools to do meaningful Evangelism.Catholics educate to evangelize and they don't preach in market places, that's why the Roman catholic church emerged winners of 2013 year of evangelism.Lets work on strategies that are relevant to the 21st centuries" He Advised.

Dr Mutero said the future of the SDA Church in Kenya is endangered based on the Current trend of Education for the Young people.He stated that 70% of the Adventist children in Kenya are in other institutions rather than Adventist institutions compared to Rwanda's Adventist population growth citing emphasis on Education provision.

''Competition for today's Adventist Education is Based on Complex Buildings, Swimming pools, recording studios, gymnasiums and restaurants rather than building schools. Let The Government give us security but let us give Adventist Education to our Children because it integrates Education with faith.When we talk of the Adventist Education, we are talking about the Future of our children and the future of the church"

 In the promotion of the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton where he is a member of the Council, Dr Mutero said its the Adventist Education now that will rescue the Nairobi City's social and spiritual challenges. He termed it 'Operation Okoa Nairobi' Saying the UEAB, Nairobi Extension is taking the Adventist's wholistic quality education to the City People and vowed to rotate to places to talk about it. He was accompanied by the UEAB Nairobi Extension Administrator Dr Tabbitha Muchee who led other UEAB Alumni Members.