General Academic Information

General Degree Information


A bachelor’s degree requires a minimum of 130 trimester credit hours. For a student who presents no transfer credits, this will require four regular academic years to complete a bachelor’s degree.

The period may be shortened if a student utilises intertrimester sessions. If a student for some reason is unable to carry the normal load of classes for one or more trimesters, or fails to complete required courses when scheduled, the course may be prolonged beyond the four years.

  • Freshman: A beginning student in the University.
  • Sophomore: A second year student, with at least 36 credit hours earned or accepted.
  • Junior: A third year student with at least 72 credit hours earned or accepted.
  • Senior: A fourth year student with at least 108 credit hours earned or accepted and with all requirements for graduation completed or properly planned as to be completed during the fourth year.