The Vice Chancellor, Professor Philip Maiyo welcomes new students to the 2017/2018 academic year.


Addressing new students and faculty in the auditorium on Thursday September 21, 2017, the Vice Chancellor Professor Philip Maiyo acknowledged the multicultural diversity of the student population who hail from several countries within and outside Africa. The Vice Chancellor welcomed the new students to the enviable and unique learning environment and a committed University leadership, faculty staff who expose and practice “a passionate and considerable desire to nurture the students to their ultimate academic excellence in the various academic disciplines”. The holistic quality Christian atmosphere purposely created   is intended to mold the students to be good citizens in the service of God and man, encouraging them to work as one family.

The Vice Chancellor exhorted the students to uphold the University regulations and abstain from practices which may ruin their future such as alcohol abuse, indiscipline, drug abuse, absenteeism from appointments, failure to meet deadlines and appointments, laziness, tardiness etc and to understand the guidelines as enshrined in the Bible, the student hand book and academic bulletin.

The students should maintain their acclaimed status in the job market and continue upholding the principles upon which this institution was established by our fore fathers. The principle of love should encompass the fraternity as “this world is not the ultimate but the kingdom God has prepared for us”. There should be no schisms based on their sponsorship and cultural background.

In conclusion, the Vice Chancellor encouraged the students to seek counsel from those in authority beginning with himself. The University adopts an open door policy and the administration is committed to seeing the students complete their studies successfully’’. Present in the audience were the Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. K.Gude (DVC Academics) Dr. Paul Wahonya (DVC SAS) Mr. Amose Mule (DVC Finance), other University Administrators, school deans, heads of departments, student deans, faculty and staff.