The ability to filter, evaluate, correctly use, and communicate information in today's digital world is more important than ever. On April 12th, 2016, Google in SubSaharan Africa launched its massive #digitalskills4Africa training programme in Nairobi, Kenya with an aim to enroll and equip more than a million young Africans with free digital skills. In order to realize this aim, Google partnered with Centum Learning to offer a 4 hour Digital Skills training to the youth of Africa.

On September 18th, 2016, it was the day for the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton Students to acquire the digital skills; thanks to Google Digital Training Skills. The drive to have skills that enable one to understand, evaluate and analyse online opportunity, presence and trends using digital technology, saw about 75 students and staff turning up for the training which was led by  Ms. Philippa  Lenemiria of Centum Learning.

Several topical skills were covered at the 4 hour training programme from the basics skills to the top – level skills. Some of the skillful areas covered include:

  • Benefits of digital skills
  • Smartphone & Internet penetration in Kenya and Africa
  • Basic Marketing Concepts
  • Future Technology
  • Building online presence
  • Characteristics of latest mobile devices
  • Opportunities in a digital world
  • Qualities of professionals that companies are looking for

The training was free with no cost at all and was open to any student/staff who was interested. Upon the completion of the training, Certifications to be issued out were;

  • Google + Centum Learning branded Certificate of Completion
  • Google Certified AdWords Certificate (upon completion of an online AdWords certification exam)

As observed, the internet adoption in Africa is growing fast — to an expected 490M users by 2020 — but digital skills adoption has been slow. This therefore, presents  a huge opportunity for African businesses and young digital entrepreneurs. This will in turn lead to Africa’s transformative growth. Let’s be part of this revolution and Let’s Digify Africa together!

To contact Centum learning Kenya, send an email to digitalskills@centumlearning-africa.com or visit their website at http://www.centumlms.com/

To be part of Digify Africa, visit http://digifyafrica.com/ to learn, be inspired and be digified!


By: Edward Kipkalya