UEAB register sterling results in Kenya Music Festival 2015

We take this opportunity to praise God for UEAB's successful participation at the Kenya Music Festival that took place from August 10-14, 2015 in Kisumu; whereby UEAB registered sterling results as follows:

-UEAB  entered six (6) categories of choir and attained first position in four (4) of them.  Of special mention is the fact that in the category of Accompanied Set Piece, UEAB was awarded the highest marks ever given in the history of Kenyan Music Festival.

-UEAB also entered four (4) categories of solo singing and attained first position in all of them.

-In the instrumental categories, UEAB also participated and attained first position in four (4) of them.

UEAB participation at the 2015 Kenya Music Festival left an indelible impression on the Kenya Music Festival Committee and all participants. UEAB was recognized as the most disciplined and friendly choir. We naturalized the spirit of rivalry among the participating universities into friendship.  Above all, the University Choir members had the chance to interact with other university students, make friends and share the Evangelism book of the year. Promotional flyers were also distributed.

On Thursday August 13, 2015, UEAB Choir had an opportunity to perform at the Gala Concert (Winner’s Concert) that was also attended by the Cabinet Secretary for Education, Science and Technology, Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi.

On Friday August 14, 2015, the UEAB Choir was entrusted to represent all universities in Kenya to sing at the State House Concert in Kisumu where the President of the Republic of Kenya, H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta was in attendance. The Choir was accompanied by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Phillip Maiyo and the Music Department faculty.

Most importantly, we do hope that the Christian witnessing by our Choir shall move the hearts of more young people out there to seek to join UEAB in order to experience more of what we have to offer as a Centre of Excellence for wholistic  Christian education. 

We give all glory and honour to the Giver of the gift of music, the Master Musician – the Almighty God!!