UEAB Participates In Fundraise To Support AUA Building Project, Donates Ksh 100,000

In a well attended fundraising function of Sunday the 22nd 2015 at the Adventist University of Africa[AUA] in Rongai of Kajiando Conty,Nairobi, UEAB through Vice Chancellor Prof Philip Maiyo joined Kenya's President Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, His Deputy Mr William Ruto, other Kenya's top Government cabinet officials, Governors, MPs and SDA's ECD Church leaders led by Dr Blassiuos Ruguri to contribute in Building a Postgraduate science Complex. 
UEAB supported the complex dream by donating Ksh 100,000.
President Kenyatta in his five minute speech said he was categorically grateful for the SDA church's work by establishing quality Education and Health institutions.
“You have established hospitals, educational facilities and other socially beneficial amenities. You have uplifted communities, empowered our citizens and built our nation,” the President said.More than Sh50 million was raised where president Kenyatta gave a personal donation of Ksh. 2 million saying with the Adventist University of Africa, the SDA has scaled new heights in the provision of higher education.
“This University is Pan-African in scope, and it is the only university which solely focuses on the provision of post-graduate studies,” he added.
The Head of State said the country requires many university teaching staff to address the human resource needs of the Government’s trans-formative agenda.He said that his government’s ambition is to train 1,000 PhDs every year over the next decade to meet national requirements and tthat's why he was touched by the existence of such a  Pan-African University in His country.
Deputy President William Ruto commended the SDA church for her passion in seeing a healthier community through establishing health facilities and educating many on the basics of a healthier life.
"Your Excellency, I have associated with Adventists for a long time, and I know they don't take health matters for granted. They are serious people when it comes to matters health.I have been introduced to their Vegetarian Diet in every of their function I attend" The Deputy President Said.
Mr Ruto said he has personally attended such a fund raise  and donated Ksh 1million because he knows the seriousness of the SDA institutions in producing quality health  Education.
 Veteran Politician, Mr Simeon Nyachae who is the sponsor of the Strategic Development Plan [SDP] of SDA's Professional group said he has  a personal testimony for what SDA has done to him for years and he will support the church as long as he lives. Him and his Family donated Ksh 5Million  to support AUA's mission.
Host ECD church leader Pr Blassious Ruguri told the president that it was a privilege for Kenya to own such an institution which could otherwise be established elsewhere in Africa. He said that the SDA church is grateful for the government's support including the latest land donation to the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton in Nairobi's lower Kabete area.