In 1992 and 2008, UEAB hosted the Universities this great event and we are blessed to be hosting the third time. 2014 ECD Youth Congress and Students Retreat under the theme "Turning Cities Upside Down, is different from the past ones in two major ways:

  1. We shall have participants from eleven countries within and neighboring Great Lakes Region.
  2. The Universities retreat will also have a major component of the Youth Congress.

The theme of the event is: Turning Cities Upside down.

Guest Speaker: Dr. (Pr.) Baraka Muganda

Dates: December 22 - 27, 2014

Venue: University Church


There is need of rest after tensional, compressive torsional and sheer challenges in all spheres of life. There was also need to build a close network of Adventist professionals across East Africa.

The Event's Objectives Include the Followinng:

  1. Strengthening the faith commitment of young people in colleges and Universities
  2. Spiritual nurture for the Young Professionals
  3. Providing opportunities for Christian fellowship from 11 countries [ECD countries]
  4. Preparing students to deal with the intellectual challenges that arise in a secular environment across the territory.
  5. Leadership development amongst the [Adventist] students and associates.
  6. Training them: outreach and witnessing on the campus, in the community and in the world at large.
  7. Mentorship
  8. Social networking: close networking of Adventist professionals across Great Lakes region.
  9. Academics exchange and networking programs or opportunities amongst the Adventist (Professionals).
  10. Touring: opportunities for geographical, historical exposures to both students and associates.