Distinguished UEAB Alumni, former students’ leaders and other historic characters turned up for the alumni banquet held at the Weston Hotel in Nairobi, 29th of November 2014.Their success testimonies spoke all on how Baraton is represented out there in a big way and from all walks of professions.

Professor Fred Amimo who is the former Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics and served as dean, school of science and Technology at UEAB gave the key-note address. Professor Amimo is currently the Dean, School of Health Sciences at JaramogiOgingaOdinga University of Science & Technology.

During his key note address titled ‘Baratonians on Course again’ Prof Amimo said that as the local name Baraton denotes, UEAB is a blessed place.  “By now you probably know that the name BARATON is actually a local name and not exotic one like Egerton, Baraton means a broad place in terms of reception. It receives a lot of rain from time immemorial up to date, It receives a lot of visitors from all walks of life, It receives a lot of cultures commencing with the Maasai – it is actually a melting pot for diverse cultures, religions, and creed, It receives a lot of praises, the list is endless”.

Prof Amimo encouraged fellow alumni not to look at the numbers but the spirit of being a Baratonian saying that is what will count.“If Baraton falls, you fall with it and so I call all the alumni to stand with Baraton at all times” he added.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters, you may or may not vividly recall a component of your graduation about a Solemn pledge ‘ TO GIVE GENEROUSLY AND SELF SACRIFICIALLY OF BOTH YOUR MIND AND MEANS’ a hearty pronouncement that was accompanied by objectives such as to contribute tangibly to the growth of UEAB in all ways possible including physically, financially and otherwise and to encourage UEAB in its continuous gravitation towards an educational program that soars above all, to participate actively and proactively as deemed possible and permissible, in the discussion of Council, Faculty, Department and other meetings in the interest of the Alumni Association. And the list goes on…and ends with SO HELP ME GOD.”  He reminded the alumni.

The Alumni launched the Somesha Fund, a financial drive aiming at supporting the financially struggling students who have overstayed in Baraton in pursuing their studies. Eddie Maiyo an electronics student who has been in UEAB for 11 years received a chequeof Ksh 100,000 from the Somesha Fundraiser becoming the first Somesha Fund recipient at its launch.

Former UEAB students’ leader, LoiceNgenye and her daughter LizzNgenye presented the College Educate Our sons Fund where Douglas Wafula and Ammon KasenaMwaringa became the first beneficiaries by receiving Ksh 81,440 and Ksh 32,000 respectively. The two and Eddie Maiyo are among those who have stayed in the Baraton’s academic journey the longest.MsNgenye who is of the class of 1985 challenged the Alumni to wake up and remember their former University and how they can be participants in seeing UEAB grow even bigger. “ Where is that spirit that we had while at Baraton? Have you contributed to killing the spirit? The alumni is the strongest arm of a university and we need the spirit of unity and concern to contribute to our almamata.” she challenged.

Meanwhile, UEAB Alumni interim Leader Evans Mosomi has promised to support the Somesha Fund to the fullest as well as making sure that recipients receive other necessary support for their basic needs while they undertake their class work. MrMosomi who represents the Alumni at the University council and who was among the organizers of the banquet said that he will work with other interim officials to revive the alumni chapters in different parts of the world for a common goal of giving back to their alma mater. The East Central Africa Division (ECD) Education Director Dr Andrew Muterowho was present also spoke in support of the UEAB Alumni revival and action.

Prof Philip Maiyo,the current UEAB Vice Chancellor joined the Alumni in show of solidarity and commitment to work with the Alumni. He has appealed to all former Baratonians to have passion for UEAB, own it and aim at bettering this campus called by God’s name. Prof Maiyo was accompanied by the Development and alumni affairs Director ,MrWilfred Oirere.