The passionate mover of the Somesha Fund Mr Elijah Oenga requested the alumni to remember that Baraton is the best and it is not a second grade campus. He challenged them to take a lead role in making sure that Baraton has a real true image out there as opposed to negative claims.  “ We are the best, serious people ready to conquer challenges out there. As a former SABU president, ABSA and Bitsa President, I am currently working in a university setting and I can assure you that every institution has her own challenges and solutions are found within and among the institution’s members.” He Said. The 2008 class member said that its time to contribute back to the University and Somesha Fund is the first way to go. “Its so shameful for us to see our brothers take more than ten years to complete their studies while we are watching. We appreciate the work study program we have at Baraton but it is not sufficient to help our brothers and sisters to finish their studies on time. Our hospitality is the best sermon we can preach. Let us give our contributions to help our fellow students at Baraton” Elijah Called. He Said that the the Somesha fund target is to have a thousand people Subscribing for a thousand Ksh Monthly and a criteria will be placed to get the beneficiaries starting from those who have overstayed in campus. He finalized his call for support of the Somesha fund which he had been requested by the current SABU leadership to spearhead by saying that its Godly to support and that its Biblical that those who give receives God’s blessings.
On her supporting voice for the Somesha fund in the spirit of giving, Loice said that when they support people to study in Baraton, they are supporting people who need a Christian Education. She said that money is there but accountability and transparency must prevail. Her daughter who is the Kenyan director of College Educate Our sons Fund, Miss Lizz Ngenye announced Mr Douglass Wafula as a recipient of Ksh 81,440, and Mr Amon Kasena Murangi as a recipient of Ksh 32,000 respectively. This is a fund from a college in the US where the Ngenyes are connected and Miss Lizz said its going to be an annual support especially to the UEAB financially challenged sons.
“We are collaborating to educate our sons because it’s when we educate our sons, that we nurture quality young men in our nations. When we strengthen our men, then even we as women feel secure and our communities are safer. With the strong communities, we have the strongest nation” she explained
Mr Wafula in his thanksgiving message to the College Educate Our Sons fund said that his dream will be to achieve his academic goal and help others. “I pray to God that one day when I graduate, I shall be able to create more opportunities for others to get their education on time and have a better life. I will make sure that any person behind me graduates on time to achieve his dreams.”  Mr Kasena also declared his ambition to study to the highest level of education in his profession. They are pursuing their Agribusiness and Languages and Literature degrees respectively. Another First recipient of the KSH 10000 from the Somesha spirit Fundraise is Mr Eddie Maiyo. The three have been struggling to see the light at the end of their studies and as it is now, every dog has its day and its now that they are seeing a possibility of graduating after a more than 11 years struggle in Baraton.

Meanwhile, UEAB Alumni interim Leader Evans Mosomi has promised to support the Somesha Fund to the fullest as well as making sure that recipients receive other necessary support for their basic needs while they undertake their class work. Mr Mosomi who represents the Alumni at the University council and who was among the organizers of the banquet said that he will work with other interim officials to revive the alumni chapters in different parts of the world for a common goal of giving back to their alma mater. The presence of ECD Education Director Dr Andrew Mutero spoke the support of the UEAB Alumni revival and action.