School of Humanities & Social Sciences

From Plato to present-day educators are agreed that the life, strength and development of a nation is insured in its education, and the right to proper education is indispensable to its survival. This is the education that inculcates moral values while, at the same time cultivating good life and good citizenship. Such education must be both complete and generous as to enable a man or woman to perform justly, skillfully, and magnanimously in all the offices entrusted to him/her both private and public. Ever since its inception, and throughout its existence, the school of humanities and social sciences has been guided by the philosophy and conviction that the questing mind, creative and imaginative thinking as well as dedicated discipline and sense of duty best reflect and characterize successful and progressive educational system or process. Not only is the school dedicated to quality education and academic excellence, it also reects the conviction that humanistic disciplines are civil society’s driving engine, the key to its creativity, its diversity, its imagination, and hence its spontaneousness, human rights, democratic values, tolerance, pluralism, good governance, academic freedom and liberty. The school of Humanities and Social Sciences sees no better way to understand the lessons of the past and to conceptualize the future than through the humanities and social Sciences.


1. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Development Studies
2. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in French
3. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Geography
4. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History
5. Bachelor of Arts ( BA) in Kiswahili
6. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Linguistics
7. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Literature
8. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music
9. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Religion
10. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theology
11. Bachelor of Music in Music Education (BMMEd)

1. Minor in Development Studies
2. Minor in English
3. Minor in Environmental Studies
4. Minor in French
5. Minor in Geography
6. Minor in History
7. Minor in Kiswahili
8. Minor in Linguistics
9. Minor in Literature
10. Minor in Music
11. Minor in Political Science
12. Minor in Religion