This 36th year annual graduation ceremony, held on Sunday July, 2018, lived up to its expectations. The graduating class aim was “climb to heights beyond” and the parallel motto “behind infinite power lie possibilities” The weather was in tandem with the occasion: clear blue skies and cool temperatures, though the rains set in late in the afternoon.

Gracing the occasion where close to 500 certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate certifications were awarded, was HE Prof John Longanyapuo, the Governor of West Pokot County through a mutual arrangement with the Governor of Nandi County HE Stephen Sang. His attendance was very appropriate considering his sterling credentials as a long experience in academics and university administration, public service, Senator and now a Governor.  He is also the Chairman of Kabarak University Council. Among those who graduated with an MBA degree was Hon. Kazungu Kambi, a former MP and Cabinet Secretary. Several other high profile personalities in public service graduated.

Focusing on the critical impact of university institutions in the development of a national economy, the Professor noted that the hosting local communities for example Baraton, have greatly benefitted in terms of improved infrastructure and widened business opportunities. In this regard therefore, Universities must not remain as ivory towers but rather the light of the world and thus stimulate the purview of society to newer and greater heights. Therefore, universities must be the salt of the earth and the light of the world”. 

Prof Longanyapuo exhorted the grandaunts to engage and apply any new knowledge obtained from their educational process to create jobs hence as the saying goes “buying own battery to generate own jobs and institute the economic development”   and enhance the status of University graduates in their communities of service.

Borrowing a leaf from a practical example the Sub county government has adopted in West Pokot, “five hens and one cock” to be given to the young unemployed people.  According to the Governor development can be jumpstarted from a small pivotal point and be upstaged to a higher and better level if appropriate incentives and leadership attributes are provided thus  and subsequently erasing the stubborn mentality in favor of “white collar jobs”. According to the Governor, the County government has even introduced, in hitherto nontraditional area, new cash crops e.g. Coffee and tea in order to supplement the current and especially the future economy of the County as it generates employment for the young people. If you have one cow the Governor metaphorically advised the grandaunts to “persuade the cow to corporate with you so as to produce enough milk to support you as you look for other income generating better alternatives.” In conclusion, the Governor appealed to the graduates to be pragmatic as they stare at the naked challenges of destitution, poverty and underdevelopment.  HE the West Pokot Governor swore to involve the university on matters development in his county, given its proven commitment and demonstration of wholistic approach to development as embodied in its mission and philosophy. “

HE the Governor of Nandi in response to the Vice Chancellor’s appeal for assistance for to the University hospital promised to deploy professional medical personnel so as to enhance and expand its health services both to the University and the local community. In addition the Governor made particular reference to the need to improve the sewerage system to serve the needs of the rapidly growing Baraton population majorly comprising students. “The Governor also committed his government’s desire to involving the institution on matters of international collaboration in the various dimensions of development.”

Also in attendance were: 

Hon Dr Wilson Kogo MP Chesumei Constituency

 Hon Julius Meli MP Tinderet Constituency, and Chair Parliamentary Committee On Education, 

Prof Mumo -VC Scotts University, Machakos

Prof Agong- VC Jeramogi Oginga Odinga University, Rongo

Dr B. Ruguri-UEAB Chancellor,

 Dr Misiani-West Kenya Union Conference President, 

Pr Christopher Misoi- President Greater Rift Valley Conference,

Hon Lenny Ivuti, former Senator of Embu County (parent)

Ambassador of DRC to Kenya, among others.