Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Graduates of this program will be individuals who will value human life and will use the clinical laboratory science knowledge to maintain and save life. They will be part of the health care teams whose members will work collectively to find solutions to the health problems of individuals. They will be expected to discharge their duties with diligence in the fear of God, and with a sense of commitment to the healing ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Courses Offered

  • Bachelor of science in medical laboratory sciences


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God is the Creator and Sustainer of life and of the natural world. As intelligent stewards, humans need to understand life, its unity, diversity and its distribution in space and time, and act responsibly in its utilization and preservation.


To train technically competent and scientifically innovative clinical laboratory scientists who will serve the people of Kenya and Africa with Christian devotion whether at hospital clinical laboratories, in rural clinics, in government service or private settings.


To raise the standard and quality of Clinical Laboratory Science training and implementation in Kenya, and in the African continent as a whole.

List of Faculty

  • Chairperson/Obey, J.
  • Choge, J.
  • Ogot, A.
  • Panulo, B.
  • Kitur , .