Week of Spiritual Emphasis at the University of East Africa—Baraton

Our UEAB Week of Spiritual Emphasis [WOSE] for the First Trimester—2014/2015 was conducted as from Sunday October 5 -11th 2015. Our theme was Behold, He Cometh based on Revelation 22: 12, 13. The theme song was Lift Up The Trumpet (SDAH 213).

This is an event that comes as a blessing every Trimester to the UEAB Community.

The Chaplaincy Department organizes this event with the aim of bringing the University family, especially the youth, to “appreciate the high destiny to which they are called,” to ponder well the paths of their feet, to continue with their work with high and holy purpose, and be determined that through the power of the grace of God, they will not diverge from the path of rectitude, and to realize that they need their intellect strengthened, their moral energies quickened, by divine power.

WOSE provides:

  • Opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to meet across religious and cultural barriers and to provide support for those of other faiths in integrating faith learning, teaching, and service;
  • Share the Christian legacy and promote its lifestyle with its ethical, social, and cultural implications;
  • Facilitate the attainment of a spirit-centered human wholeness by providing a caring ministry;
  • Encourage faculty and staff to become models and, mentors to students in and out of the classroom

UEAB runs WOSE in all the extension centres. The speaker at Nairobi Extension centres was Prof. Zachary Mathema from the Adventist University of Africa, Nairobi as from October 13 – 18. The speaker at the Eldoret Extension centre was Pr. Joseph Charo from Kapsokwony, Western Kenya Conference.

Kisumu Extension centre was having the second WOSE. The speaker was Pr. Eric Were, a District pastor of SDA Church, Victory in Kisumu City as from October 5 – 11th 2014.

Nyanchwa Extension centre had the first WOSE organized by UEAB Main. The speaker was Pr. Willis Oruta, Pastor, SDA Church, Kisii Central, South Kenya Conference.

UEAB Main Campus had Pr.  Juvenal Balisasa from Valley View University, Ghana, West-Central Africa Division.  

He is an ordained minister of the Gospel, currently serving as senior Pastor and University Chaplain for Valley View University in Ghana. He is blessedly married to Victoria with three kids, namely Alfred, Théonille, and Esther. He is a PhD student with Andrews University. He is an author of several bestselling books.

Pr. Balisasa was a great blessing to Baraton. He had a unique approach; he greeted his audience with a portion of Scripture every time he stood up to speak. He was very meticulous in his presentations. His messages touched all listeners, young and old alike.

All in all, many were revived and reformed. From UEAB Main Campus, we had the biggest number of young people who gave their lives to Christ. Forty seven young people accepted Jesus Christ as the personal Saviour. They were baptized on October 11th 2015.

We praise God from whom all blessings flow.