Bara Decides

Politics is often referred to as a dirty game, but in Bara it’s the game that is decided online by patriotic Baratonians. Monday, July 4, 2016, which many political contestants looked forward to, came. The electronic online ballot boxes were all ready and waiting for the voters’ choice. Campaigns had ended and those aspirants who had not done their part were to reap losses. Indeed, after clearing all the hiccups with the internet, the voting process flowed smoothly without any qualms or disturbance.

Failure is the only route to success; this was very evident with those candidates that were vying for the second time in a row after failing in the last student elections. Those candidates successfully crossed the ballot line and emerged victors in this year’s elections. The victory that saturated many people’s minds was written on the faces while those that lost chose to duck in silence to fight another day. A free, fair and peaceful election was conducted in the most efficient and successful way by use of the online voting system.

The brain child behind the online voting system still enjoys the fruits of the successful system which from the very beginning has given positive output. The joy of it all is that one could vote within five minutes and leave the polling station, thus saving on time. Below is a list of the newly elected S.A.B.U. leaders:



  1. President

Arasa Enock

  1. Deputy President

Otieno Adrian

  1. Minister for Home Affairs

Nyangarisa Margaret

  1. Prime Minister

Ratemo Mark

  1. Minister for Finance, Planning and Labor

Kimeu Joseph

  1. Minister for Communication and Technology

Onyancha Anthony

  1. Minister for Public health and Catering

Kipnyango Victor

  1. Minister for Sports and Entertainment

Nairenke Caleb

  1. Minister for Academic and Foreign Affairs

Garang Atem

  1. Minister for Religious Affairs

Nyang`ute John





  1. Counseling and Psychology

Wafula Joyce

  1. Education, Curriculum and Teaching

Mokeira Moracha

  1. History, Geography and Development

Sambu Daniel

  1. Family and Consumer Sciences

Cheptum Esther

  1. Information System and Computing

Opiyo Titus

  1. Languages and Literature

Mbithi Felisters

  1. Management

Mapiri Beatrice

  1. Medical Laboratory Science

Kamfwa Lovely

  1. Music

Wambaa Joseph

  1. Mathematics and Physics

Karonga Douglas

  1. Nursing

Nthiw`a Onesmus and Too Isaac

  1. Public Health

Ongaga Revin

  1. Technology


  1. Theology and Religious studies

Osoro Kepha

  1. Accounting and Finance

Kirwa Hillary

  1. Agriculture

Bwire Elizabeth

  1. Pre-university

Rotich Nathan

  1. Chemistry

Kibet Gideon

  1. Biological Sciences

Misati Lilian

By: Oliver Managa