As it has always been the norm, every trimester, a week is set aside for prayer- commonly known as week of prayer (Week of Spiritual Emphasis). For this trimester, the week began on the 16th May through 23rd May, 2015. The guest speaker was Pastor Mackenzie Kambizi, the renowned America-based Zimbabwean preacher who delivered the message that many loved for his preaching style that in a way touched and changed lives.

Speaking on the theme dubbed “One More Time Lord” with the key text from John 3; 16, Pastor Mackenzie Kambizi, expounded the scriptures with a spiritual authority touching the spiritual life of the UEAB Community and friends at large during the week considered special every trimester for Baraton University - as custom for an hour in the morning and another in the evening.

Some of the academic, social and administrative activities got suspended at least for the hours of worship. The Music department took the center stage to prepare musicians and singers to grace the week with hymns before the speaker took to the pulpit to speak. Pr. Kambizi coined his message into topics that left the audience in a solemn meditation mood. His message revolved around the common Biblical Verse of John 3:16 about the love of God to Humanity and His willingness to forgive and give sinners a second chance.

Besides preaching, Pr. Mackenzie had counseling sessions with students, faculty and staff. He later met theology students separately and shared with them about challenges facing the ministry and how to take up opportunities available in life today. A was potluck held on Saturday the 23rd May 2015, where the guest speaker spoke to the newly baptized and shared a meal with them before flying back to the US.

Meanwhile, children were not left behind as the chaplaincy office too organized a Child dedication program in the WOSE’s Saturday climax. Dr. Rey Kesis, the University Chaplain led the short function saying children in the Adventist faith are not baptized but are dedicated to God through there parents.