100 Students trained on I-TAX

The Finance & Accounting Students Club (FACTS) in conjunction with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) held a seminar on the 10th of May 2016.

The seminar was the first of three modules of training. The training is aimed at equipping 100 students from all over different schools and faculties with the necessary knowledge which will allow them to file tax returns electronically over the internet.

The 100 students will then be able to assist fellow students, faculty, staff and the community to file tax returns over the internet.

This was the first of three training module. The 2nd module will be held at the end of June 2016. After the 3rd module, all trainees will be given certificates which will certify students to be legitimate and endorsed officers who can assist any Kenyan national to file tax returns electronically.

This program is part of the FACTS club’s strategic growth plan which aims at equipping the students with relevant financial skills which will add value to the lives of fellow students, faculty and community as a whole by collaborating in various educational programs with key partners in the Kenyan financial industry.